The Department of Sociology supports a range of student-led podcasts to give you an insight into life and study in Cambridge.

Sociology in Dialogue

What can an interdisciplinary perspective bring to Sociology?

Sociology in Dialogue puts MPhil Sociology students in conversation with their peers in Education, World History and Geography, in order to explore the opportunities that come from interdisciplinarity.

Sociology Exposed

What is Sociology? Is it useful in everyday life?

Sociology Exposed is a podcast series recorded by MPhil Sociology students in 2019. In this series, students delve into the depths of sociological concepts, theories, and lived experience.

PhD Tips

“Honestly I didn’t know if the PhD was going to be for me”

PhD tips is a casual coffee-chat podcast where students from different PhD cohorts share ideas, advice and inspiration about different stages of the PhD Sociology journey. Coming soon.

Sociology Spotlight

“It’s not just fancy spires and formal dinners”

The Sociology Spotlight is a Department-run podcast that showcases staff, students and alumni at the department, in order to give an insight into life and study in Cambridge. Coming soon.

That’s not all, folks!

CamSociology Online is produced by the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge. Visit our website for more information.